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West Coast Moving Company

West Coast Moving Company

West Coast Moving Company guys were fantastic! Easy to book, spot on with their estimate, super helpful with recommendations for packing organizing. Will absolutely call them for our next move. Worth EVERY penny.

On moving day, they arrived early and our crew went right to work pulling the house apart. We moved from a three story townhouse in the East Bay, to an apartment in Burlingame. We downsized and about half of our stuff was going to storage. They loaded opposite sides of the truck, double checked on anything that I hadn't marked clearly to make sure it make it to the right place.

I think the house was cleared in 2-3 hours including the time they took to help scoot things around in the garage for the dump/donate piles which they did just to help me out once they recognized my husband's leg injury left him unable to help me as much as he'd hoped. All in, I think our entire move took about 6 hours. There's no way we could have done it without them.

I feel like a complete a**hole for not remembering the names of our crew. It was such a chaotic day that once we all introduced ourselves, it went right out of my head. They were so considerate, kind, friendly, funny, careful. I've already recommended them to a friend who was equally impressed. You will not be disappointed!